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About Me

Simon Jacobs is an up and coming copywriter specialising in the Health and Fitness industry.

Health and Fitness is the Rock to his Roll. The Bonnie to his Clyde. The Juliet to his Romeo. Well, perhaps the Amazon to his Bezos is a happier love affair…

Fitness has been Simon’s drug of choice ever since his Mum said he was going places even from a young age. At 3 years old he walked to a buffet table and piled his plate high of sliced carrots and green olives.

There is not a day that goes by without Simon improving his fitness. Allegedly he even talks about lifting weights in his sleep.

When Simon is not doing press-ups or working hard for his clients, he can be found with a Cohiba no. 5 and a bottle of Diplomatico Exclusiva amidst the castles of Prague.